Our talented team of technicians and media experts is experienced in events of every size. From small gatherings to large-scale productions, Zamar’s core technical expertise is in the front seat before, during, and after your event. Our Sales & Technical Teams are available to coordinate the changing needs of your event. Along with your assigned Program Coordinator, we are primed to anticipate last minute needs and assistance. With outstanding professionalism and superior technical skill, our well-rounded team is prepared to meet your event’s expected challenges with the goal of perfection.

 Our exceptional services are marked with the talent of our video and display specialists, who are
 dedicated to bringing the visual aspects of your event into the spotlight. <<< more>>>

 By having a team of qualified and experience audio technicians and engineers, we at Zamar can proudly
 support the set up and execution of a variety of event scenarios. <<< more >>>

 Our talented lighting designers bring ambiance to every space to provide the perfect backdrop for any 
 special event. <<< more >>>

 Rigging & Staging
 Our certified rigging crew strives to create a seamless environment that will provide the effects and 
 display that your event needs to most effectively communicate its message. <<< more >>>

 Audio Visual
 Your message is important to us and our staff is equipped and experienced with forming an itinerary of 
 useful tools that will enhance and vitalize your event’s audiovisual presentation. <<< more >>>

Production Support
 A step up from your small to medium size audio visual programs, production programs are your more
 technically driven meetings and events. <<< more >>>