Q: I have an event that needs to be planned. How much time should I allow for it?

  A:  Zamar can assist in planning all events from one day up to two years away.

  Q: I need help selecting a venue. Can you help me with that?
  A: Zamar’s sister company, Island Pearls International, can assist with venue selection for your next 
  program. Click here for Island Pearls International

  Q: I don’t know what type of equipment I need for a corporate event. Can you help me with that?
  A: Yes, our team of experts can provide guidance on equipment for your program.

  Q: I just need lighting done for my event. Can you help me with that?
  A: Yes, our lighting designers can provide you with a design specific to your event needs.

  Q: How can I get pricing for my event?
  A: Contact our Sales department to provide you with a customized quotation for your program.

  Q: I will need internet access for my event. Can you help me with that?
  A: Internet access is provided by your Hotel/ Resort. Please contact your conference planning
  manager   for assistance.

  Q: I need custom fabrication done for my set. Can you help me with that?
  A: Yes, our experienced creative team will help you bring your stage to life.

  Q: I have an event, but it will not be held in the Bahamas. Can you help me with that?

  Q: Do I need a work permit and what is the process?
  A: The government of The Bahamas requires a work permit for all persons entering The Bahamas to
  engage in gainful employment. Zamar can assist you with the application process. The average 
  processing time is 30 days, therefore, we encourage you to start early.

  Q: We would like to have entertainment at our event. Can you help me with that?
  A: Yes, Zamar’s sister company, Island Pearls International can assist with obtaining local and
  international entertainment. Island Pearls International is a full service Destination Management 

  Q: We are planning to bring a band or entertainer with us, how can Zamar assist?
  A: In addition to assisting with the required work permits, upon receipt of your band’s rider, we can
  provide all backline, audio and lighting systems.

  Q: I need room specs or CAD drawings, can you help?
  A: Click here for CAD and PDF versions of the meeting/ function spaces for the resorts we are in 
  partnership with.

  Q: What type of power is used in The Bahamas?
  A: Power is 110v, same as in the United States. As a  reminder to all of our clients traveling from Europe
  of South America, transformers/converters are required for computers and other equipment. If you
  prefer, we can provide for you.

  Q: Our DM is providing certain elements, can Zamar still assist?
  A: Absolutely. We work hand in hand with all the local Destination Management Companies.