Executive Management Team

Zamar Productions is a family owned business lead by Mr. Andrew Gardiner, Audio Engineer, President and Director of Technical Services . Our executive management team has combined over 50 years experience in areas such as hotel operations, business development, business management, sales, accounts, audio visual operations and human resources management. With such an extensive knowledge base guiding your audio visual and production services team, we trust that all expectations are exceeded during your upcoming program or event.

 Name  Designation  Contact Email
 1) Andrew Gardiner  President & Director of Technical Services  AndrewGardiner@zamargroup.com
 2) Kay Gardiner  Sr. Vice President  Kgardiner@zamargroup.com
 3) Kay-Andra L. Gardiner  Vice President & Director of Sales  KAGardiner@zamargroup.com
 4) Sarvesh Parmarthi  Financial Controller  Sparmarthi@zamargroup.com
 5) Dorothy Coakley  Director of Property Operations  Dcoakley@zamargroup.com
 6) Sherry Deal  Human Resources Director  Sdeal@zamargroup.com